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Rotor 3D x Distortion 2018

Rotor 3D x Distortion Festival 2018



Is a perception of time an illusion? It can be observed as an indefinite event continuum, the fourth dimension, or an existential passage. Nevertheless the perception of its duration seems to be modulated by our own experiences, which makes it subjective and potentially malleable.

Rotor 3D is questioning a common time and space structure as well as human existence within those fundamental world dimensions. This metaphysical, interactive installation starts with the primal viewpoint of a static two-dimensional picture of present time, a reflecting series of clock hands. Stepping to one side, the viewer will open a flow of various moments/points of time on the scale of the future, past and his or her own present.

Rotor 3D encourages you to experience being beyond time, in it and with it in space projection.

with Tobias Rell