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moduL classic

moduL classic


rethink furniture

The versatile, highly resistant element can be used for a variety of situations. Use moduL to create unique seating ensembles, bookshelves or even presentation areas for home or business.

We believe in good quality and sustainability - That is why our eco-friendly product is made of fiber-reinforced concrete and recycled Buxkin® leather. The concrete and leather are waxed so they are easy to handle for indoor and outdoor purposes.

How it works - thanks to the ribbed design of the leather, different elements can be interlinked easily. In addition, it feels soft and makes sitting as comfortable as possible, as well as providing perfect support on smooth surfaces.

Make it yours - simply choose between our standard colours grey or anthracite concrete with black or natural brown leather. Looking for something individual? Do not hesitate to ask for a customized color combination. Each unique element is produced for you in our selected manufactory in Berlin, Germany.